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About Me

How I Can Help You Get The Results You Want

I have devoted my personal and professional life to understanding and teaching the significance of empowerment and self-awareness, living a life by choice, rather than by default.

And yet, I had to come face to face with a powerful lesson during that time. No matter how hard you work at something, if it’s the wrong ‘something,’ you’re not going to be happy with it.

I sacrificed my health and my relationships for work, relinquished my power in many areas of my life, and watched my dreams being put on the back burner. It hurt, and it didn’t move me forward.

Thankfully, that time has now passed… I have learned to do what it takes to take back my power and to live a truly authentic life. I now recognize I am responsible for the choices that bring about my present and future conditions. I have learned to silence the “inner critic” and step into my own personal power.

This has become the cornerstone of my coaching and consulting practice. I can show you how to do it, too.

“All that’s between you and success is a bit of self-awareness.”

– Thomas Leonard, founder of the coaching profession.

Please read the following sentence carefully because it’s critically important:

“If you can find out who you really are, and why you make your decisions the way you do, you’ll have the most important gateway to happiness that you can ever find.”

I have helped thousands of individuals worldwide become more self-aware. As a result, they have achieved goals they previously thought impossible to reach. Individuals just like you have used my coaching to uncover and leverage strengths, identify and blow away obstacles that got in their way…and place themselves in situations that have led to success after success.

For each and every one of my clients, I have created a personalized success strategy using their innate strengths and straightforward, tested techniques to get them the results they’ve always wanted—faster and simpler.

“The powerful processes and strategies I’ve employed to dramatically transform my life will help you fast-track your own path to success.”

Simply put, I walk my talk. I am doing what I love! I’m living my life on purpose and continually looking for new ways to learn and develop in all areas of my life.
This is the gift I’d like to share with you.

“When your life is in alignment with its purpose, you are truly living life in an optimal state.”

Coaching and Certifications

  • I have coached thousands of clients worldwide over the past 20 years.
  • Graduate of CoachU and Coach Training Institute (CTI) with over 270 plus International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training hours
  • Certified Kolbe Specialist (since 2004) – You may feel that you’re a square peg in a round hole. Congratulations! You should appreciate your ‘squareness,’ and not try to fit yourself into the wrong work or business situations. The Kolbe analytical tools will help you understand your natural hidden strengths so that you can stop fighting yourself and embrace the talents you naturally bring to business. I use this powerful assessment to help harness the power of your natural instincts and reveal how to use these characteristics to reach new heights.
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) – Discover how to re-program your mind for health, happiness, and success. NLP is a system of proven methods and highly developed tools for rapid change that allows you to alter self-defeating habits, free yourself of negative emotions, enhance self-esteem, improve performance and program your mind for success.

Business Experience

  • Business owner since 1996 (coaching and consulting business)
  • Real estate investor
  • Project Manager
  • Marketer
  • Speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, and webinar/teleclass leader (for audiences of over 450 people in the financial sector, medical community, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, managers, executives, consultants, lawyers, employees, employees transitioning into new businesses)

Writing and Training

  • Co-authored the book “Double Your Income Doing What You Love” published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Received Instructional Design Training and Web-Based Training
  • Designed adult learning tools and concepts used within an adult coaching and mentoring program
  • Co-developed and delivered a coach training program. Provided mentoring coaching to graduates of the program