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You have a gift. At least one, and probably more.

However, we’re not all in the right situation to use our gifts. Imagine a creative person in a bookkeeping job or a figures-and-numbers person in a managerial position that requires a lot of conflict resolution.

Simply put, a lot of people end up in situations that are harmful to doing what truly energizes and frees them.

If you feel dead tired at the end of a workday, or dread another meeting, or can’t remember why you started a hobby, relationship, or job, you may be a square peg in a round hole.

The answer isn’t to round yourself off. The answer is to find a square hole where you can do what you love and be celebrated for it.

The other obstacle can come from within. You may fight with insecurity, self-esteem issues, or even subconscious motives that sabotage you in frustrating ways.

Your situation may also give you internal obstacles. If you feel you can’t truly be yourself at your job or in your relationship, you may automatically shut down that part of you that makes you great.

Businessman trying to fit a square peg in a round hole
“Inspiring insight from an inspirational person.
Thank you for teaching me how to see myself.” 
Bob R.
Self-awareness brings understanding, peace, and change.

If you can understand your strengths, skills, and challenges, you can figure out:

  • What situations you belong in—in the workforce or business, in relationships, and in general life.

  • What’s standing in your way –whether internal fears or external restrictions.

  • How to break away from your limiting beliefs.


My goal is to help you stand back, take a deep breath, and get rid of the barriers that stand between you and happiness, profit, and success.

Together, we can set you towards a life that’s right for you.

businessman standing on a ladder drawing light bulb
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